Laure's work is focused mainly around drawings, graphics and collage. She also made a series of fantastic animation films which are - through her typical minimalist style - immediately recognizable and captivating. In the exhibition "IDentiteit" she's showing her newly created animation "J'étais ce monstre" and some sewed drawings.
Laure's animations consist of refined lines, figured brought back to the essence, black on white. Through a constant transformation they discover themselves, creating and destroying the lines of their own existence. The line forms a figure and the figure literally plays with its own outline.
Arms grow into a body with legs, a head, long hairs hide the face. A mouth, a mouth becomes visible, grows and grows , an arm disappears into the mouth, the body follows the body is being swallowed, the figure turns as it were inside-out and becomes a figure again.
Hands which fumble, they're searching, they're gliding along the lines of small pieces of skin. A visual play of self-examination, revealing and hiding. Who am I? What will I become? Brutal and fragile at the same time.
Freija Van Esbroeck